BoyCrush – Passionate Twinks Bone Bareback

hx108 scene19 BoyCrush   Passionate Twinks Bone Bareback

Ian Graves and Roxy Red are going to make out hard and the way their tongues dance is incredibly arousing. They're both exceptionally excited and cute twink Roxy is going to put his mouth to use sucking on rock hard cock. He's a talent, he loves gobbling schlong and he's thinking about getting fucked in the rear bareback. Ian lubes up his hard cock and then slips it into the tight ass of his young lover. Missionary and doggy style sex fill the scene and it looks amazing.Pictures

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Staxus – Twink Locker Room

hx108 scene11 Staxus   Twink Locker Room

It's a well-known fact that a good rigorous session of swimming will help ignite a hunger, but believe us when we tell you that it isn't food that Billy Rubens and Jordan Jacobs are interested in when they hit the locker-room fresh from the water. Indeed, given the glorious boner that pops out of Rubens's speedos it's pretty obvious what these boys have an appetite for; and before you can say "Ian Thorpe" this pair of angelic beauties are snogging each other's faces off and limbering up for another athletic workout this time out of the water! Don't worry about any prolonged foreplay from these sporty fellows though. Eager to dive into the crotch of the other, both lads are soon taking turns to gobble on all that tremendously tempting man-meat on display; but it's when Jacobs finally decides to plonk himself down on his swim buddy's lap that the temperature in that room reaches boiling point. Suffice it to say that the fuck that ensues is more than enough to get even the most reserved of porn fans into a lather, with the eager young bottom taking every fine inch that his mate has to offer and both lads putting on the kind of display that will leave you crying out for more! Rubens, in particular, is a veritable picture of male prowess, pumping into his mate's pitch-perfect ass like a stag on heat. So it's little surprise that neither guy is able to hold out for long Jacobs spewing all over his belly, then Rubens finally splattering his trademark multi-shot wad over the bottom's face. Lovely!!

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BoyCrush – Here, There, Everywhere

hx108 scene17 BoyCrush   Here, There, Everywhere

These two waste no time on small talk, Jack Presly is all over shaggy-haired Kyler Moss from the get-go! Kyler pants as Jack sucks on his uncut dick and, with nothing but a cry, impales himself on his bare dick. Just as Kyler's groans suggest he's in too much pain, he cries, "do it harder!" Jack is happy to oblige, fucking Kyler in so many ways they end up a tangled mess.

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Staxus – Smoking Hot Fuck

hx108 scene4 Staxus   Smoking Hot Fuck

If you like your porn-stars to be lean, fresh-faced and as horny as fuck then you've most definitely come to the right place where this terrific little scene is concerned. Jaxon Radoc and Lewis Taylor are both as cute as new buttons right from the very moment that they appear on-screen in their school uniforms though admittedly their clothes don't stay on them for very long, with Radoc jumping straight into the shower and Taylor following on just behind!Not that either of the lads appear even slightly interested in having a wash. Taylor, in particular, simply can't wait to be devouring his pal's deliciously engorged knob and who the fuck can blame him? Radoc, in return, is simply gagging to get his hungry ass-hole stuffed full of hard, rampant dick an ambition that (not surprisingly) he achieves in almost record time. Which is just as well because it means that we don't have to wait very long to see the lad's bubble-butt ass-cheeks bouncing up and down on Taylor's man-shaft an almost angelic vision that's surely worth an annual subscription to the STAXUS site in itself.Believe us, the young Aussie bottom is desperate to savour the stuffing of his life, and red-head Taylor is very evidently the fellow to give it to him. And that's exactly what he does big time! Ultimately leading to a fabulous multi-shot crescendo of pent-up cum from both lads that leaves Radoc's belly dripping with boy-goo!

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Anton is the epitome of twink goodness. The stunning 18-year-old strips off to give us a peek at that hot body, before groping at his cock through his underwear. Then the real fun begins.

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